Harry Potter - Dark Future

20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is being ruled by the now disbanded Death Eaters, but something is disturbing their reign. The evergrowing Rebels are threatening to disrupt the corrupt world they have created.
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 Professor Padma Patil

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Professor Patil

Professor Patil

PostSubject: Professor Padma Patil   Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:11 pm

Character's Name: Professor Padma Patil

Gender: Female

Year and Age: 38

Prefered Houses (put two that you think your character would belong to and we will sort according to what we think): Ravenclaw/Headmistress

Blood Type: Full Blood

Birthday: October the 3rd

Wand: Rosewood 14'' Pixie Hair

Occupation: Headmistress of Hogwarts School

Appearance: Professor Patil is clearly of indian origin with long black hair and dark eyes. Despite her age of 38, she looks to be in her late 20s.

Brief History: Padma was a student in Harry Potter's year at Hogwarts. She grew up with her twin, Pavarti. She was leaving school when the revolution of the dark lord had taken over the British Isles. It was then that she radically changed her views on recently deceased Voldemort. She saw his cause and agreed that all bloodtraitors and mudbloods were none other than scum. She signed up to become a teacher at Hogwarts. Slowly, she worked her way up from being a teacher of Ancient Runes to the Headmistress, following the death of her predecessor.

Roleplaying Example: There was a rough knock at her office's door. "Come in." She beckoned. Several larger students, a mixture of Hufflepuff boys and Slythern girls charged in, holding the collar of a small Ravenclaw seconed year. "What is the meaning of this?" Padma demmanded.
"We saw 'im. We saw 'im talking the them in the fireplace." One of the Hufflepuff students said.
"The Rebels, miss." He replied. Padma took a deep breath.
"Right, all of you, leave. Apart from you." She pointed at the Seconed Year. "You've done a very bad thing, boy."
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Character sheet
Which Side?: Neutral
Year: Graduated

PostSubject: Re: Professor Padma Patil   Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:15 pm

Sorted into Ravenclaw
Please see the Job Applying topic in the Other Applications section!
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Professor Padma Patil
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