Harry Potter - Dark Future

20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts and the Wizarding World is being ruled by the now disbanded Death Eaters, but something is disturbing their reign. The evergrowing Rebels are threatening to disrupt the corrupt world they have created.
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 Dean Lovegood

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Dean Lovegood


Character sheet
Wand: 10 inch, Dragon Heartstring, Oak
Which Side?: The Pheonix Rebellion
Year: Graduated

PostSubject: Dean Lovegood   Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:33 am

Character's Name: Dean Lovegood
Gender: Male
Year and Age: Graduated and 19
Prefered Houses (put two that you think your character would belong to and we will sort according to what we think): Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff
Blood Type: Half Blood
Birthday: 25th December
Wand: 10 inch, Dragon Heartstring, Oak
Occupation: Shop Keeper

Appearance: Dean is quite tall, and average build. He has blonde/brown short hair and silvery grey eyes.

Brief History: Dean was born a year after the Battle of Hogwarts. His parents are Luna Lovegood and Antony Goldestein. Everybody was informed that he was Antony Goldstein's son with a foreign witch. This was to make sure that the MoM didn't find Luna. He was raised and when he was 11, he was sent to Hogwarts, as every young wizard was, and got through Hogwarts as quietly as he could. Once he left Hogwarts, he went to work in a newly opened shop in Hogsmeade.

Roleplaying Example:Dean sat on the stool by the till and drummed his fingers on the desk in front of him. He heard the sound of the door opening and closing. He looked up and saw a tall, thin woman walk towards the desk. She walked towards the desk and once she reached it she pulled down her small hood and smiled at him. He looked into her deep blue eyes and smiled back.
"What can i do for you?" he replied flirtily.
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Character sheet
Which Side?: Neutral
Year: Graduated

PostSubject: Re: Dean Lovegood   Thu Dec 17, 2009 12:10 pm

and sorted into Hufflepuff
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Dean Lovegood
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